Overview of what we offer

AquaLagoon Inc. is a full-service Primavera consulting company specializing in Primavera customization, mobile app development, data integration, and analytics/forecasting. The senior consultants of AquaLagoon Inc. bring a combined 60 years of I.T. consulting experience, helping companies deliver impactful solutions that transform their business. Our consultants guide you through the process of enhancing your Primavera application or create new ones to ensure your company gains a competitive advantage from your Primavera investment.



We work with organizations across industries to design and develop innovative mobile Primavera application solutions for your enterprise. Our strategy includes selecting the right mobile platform and building thoughtful workflows that will best serve your user community. When you are building mobile applications using Primavera or other mobile platforms, AquaLagoon Inc. will progress your mobile strategy and provide dedicated support.


Primavera Integration & Data Migration

Integrating different data and systems is a critical key success factor in many business processes. Our data integration consultants are experts at integrating disparate data repositories from data warehouses, relational transactional databases or even legacy spreadsheets into your Primavera system. We use best practice industry tools and technologies, as well as building custom integrations, thanks to our senior level understanding of P6’s internal architecture. Talk to us if you need expertise in integrating Primavera data from SAP, Oracle Financials, SalesForce, and other software.


Custom Development

Where COTS applications stop, we take over with custom Primavera development using API and Web services. We can give you complex integration processes, integration with 3rd party API data or functionality and customization to your business’ unique internal processes. Our consultants have an edge over other consultants due to our diverse and extensive background in fullstack Java, Database integration and Cloud-based software. Our rich experience allows us to architect the right enterprise-wide solution optimized for your business and environment.


On Demand Administrators

Your Primavera implementation is a living, breathing product and changes as your business changes. OBS changes, adding new codes and UDFs in conformity with business conventions, maintaining user accounts and privileges, all require a knowledgeable Primavera certified Administrator. Often the amount of changes in your organization do not require a fulltime staff member to fill this role. We can fill the gap with our On Demand Administrators.  We will assign a dedicated and knowledgeable certified Administrator to work on your project who can help you with all of your changes.